What if FAQs didn't exist

The myFAQ software's ideology is that every user has his/her right for help even if the person only registrered on a website. Partially for that reason I began writing this source code.

But the main reason is that I was supposed to make the Swedish translation for the inofficial FAQ of Fedora (sorry I don't got time furthermore) so I noticed there is need of a root system that keep the original language questions and can be divided to tranlations in one single database so that the admins do not need to manually edit 5+ FAQs at once.

Why Open Source?

And the reason that I chose to publish this software under the Open Source licenses is that it simply is the shit. You do not wish to pay for code that you could have written yourself, and that includes all kinds of software not just this one.

And of course, I want the user to be able to make his own performance improvements and share them with the rest of those who use the system. The more minds that are programming the better code you will get in the end. So if you'd like to help me out, let me hear a little about you! :) E-mail me using the form included somewhere on this site..